Sectorial Team

Heads of Sectoral Committees – 2013

Sectoral Committee Head ( Indian ) Additional Head ( Saudi )
Construction & Infrastructure & New Projects Mr. Aijaz Ahmed Khan
Mr. Majeed Ul Hassan
Mr. Meshary Zehran
Energy, Power & Water Mr. Gazanfar Ali Zaki
Mr. Akram Ali Khan
Mr.Ibrahim Bushnak
Finance/ Banking/Investment Mr. Abdul Kader Memon Mr.Adil Sanai
IT, ITES & Education Mr. Mohammed Mustafa
kmmustafa@gmail.comMr. Mohd Shoukatullah Khan
Mr. Ahmad Abubaker Bagader
Manufacturing &Industry Mr. Shabbir A. Patel TBA
Sports, Health & Others Mr. Rehan Ahmed Khan Mr.Obaid Madani
Tourism, Hospitality& Retail Mr. Akbar Batcha
Mr. Syed Sharique Ali
Mr.Mustafa Naqwi
Guidelines for SIBN Sectorial Team & their Functions
  1. The purpose of the Sectorial Committees is to function according to the Aims and objectives of the SIBN Charter, by giving special focus on the opportunities and avenues of growth in the particular Sector.
  2. Initially there shall be following sectorial Committees:
    a. Infrastructure &Construction
    b. Finance, Trade & Banking
    c. Tourism & Hospitality
    d. Energy, Water& Manufacturing Industry
    e. IT & ITES & Communication
    f. Education and Health etc
    g. Petrochemical and any other sector..
  3. Each Sector Team shall consist of 6 to 8 members. And Office Bearers shall be – Head, Deputy Head, Coordinator and a Joint coordinator of the Sectorial Committee.. Others will be members assisting the team.
  4. The term for the Sectorial Committee shall be for one year. The same can be reconstituted or renewed on evaluation of the performance of the Committee.
  5. Team shall work according to the objectives of the SIBN and shall coordinate their work with Vice President and General Secretary of SIBN.
  6. Consul General shall nominate Heads of the Sectorial Committees on the recommendation of VP.
    The Head in turn shall choose the other Office Bearers in consultation with Vice President and General Secretary from the members who have opted to work in that Sectorial Committee. He may also appoint new members who could potentially contribute to the Sectorial Committee.
  7. The sector Teams shall prepare an annual plan of activities and identify areas of Focus during the year. The Year Plan of the SC pertaining to the following year shall be approved by the Executive Committee of SIBN.
  8. The team shall meet at least once in a month and send their MOM to the Secretary General of SIBN and Vice President.
  9. They shall endeavor to identify opportunities of Joint Ventures and Trade Development in both Countries.
  10. They shall also identify the potentials players in the field and develop rapport with them and facilitate their work by providing information about potential resources in both countries.
  11. They will arrange seminars, at least once a quarter, on the sector opportunities and latest trends in Technology and Governmental Rules and Regulations for the general awareness of the members. They may also try to attract participation from Saudi and Indian Agencies working in their Sector for the Seminar.
  12. Send newsletter / Emails of the articles to the members of the relevant information regarding in the sector..
  13. Identify potential areas and contacts to pursue who could be instrumental in arranging the JVs and Trade Agreements.
  14. The chairmen / Coordinators of the Committees could be invited to Executive Committees Meetings as and when required by the Vice President / General Secretary.
  15. Gather information about the Notifications of prospective and awarded Contracts. Explore if we could facilitate their work by identifying known resources in both countries.
  16. Contact the awardees of contracts in their Sectors to identify their requirements which could be fulfilled from Indian resources.
  17. If any member fails to attend Committee meetings consecutively for 3 months without information and valid reason, his position may be assigned to another member.