The membership of SIBN would be open to any Saudi and Indian nationals or Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) who are perceived as being resourceful in contributing towards furtherance of trade and economic relations between India and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The broad requirements for membership would be as follows: (i) Saudi nationals interested in business with India or have investments in India; (ii) Saudi sponsors/agents of Indian companies; (iii) Representatives of leading trade bodies in KSA/India; (iv) Indian nationals/Non-resident Indians (NRIs)/Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) currently involved in transacting business between India and KSA in products and or services; (v) Senior Indian expatriates and professionals holding key positions in govt/semi-govt or private organizations in KSA, who may be interested in developing the progress of Indo-Saudi business nominated by the Patron in recognition of outstanding service to the development of Indo-Saudi business & trade.

The Founder Members of the SIBN will be deemed as those members who are invited by the Vice Patron to form the SIBN and have reconfirmed their membership through payment of the annual fee of SR 500/- and onetime non-refundable registration fee of SR 500/-. Membership would be valid for the period April to March of the following year. The initial membership will be valid till 31st March 2006.

New members would be inducted from time to time based on prescribed on the recommendations of the Patron/Executive Committee. Prospective members would be required to complete a membership application form for review and acceptance by the Executive Committee of SIBN.